About the Workshop

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the SOHOMA’19 International Workshop on Service-oriented, Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems for Industry of the Future, organized by Universitat Politècnica de València in collaboration with University Politehnica of Bucharest (the CIMR Research Centre in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Robotics), Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France (the LAMIH Laboratory of Industrial and Human Automation Control, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science) and Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (the CeDRI Research Centre in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics). The SOHOMA’19 workshop has scientific support from the IEEE-IES Technical Committee on Industrial Agents and from the GdR MACS-IMS2 Research Group on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems and Services.

SOHOMA’19 will take place in Valencia – Spain, at Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación, Universitat Politècnica de València, 3-4 October 2019.

The main objective of SOHOMA Workshops is to foster innovation in smart and sustainable manufacturing and logistics systems and in this context to promote concepts, methods and solutions for the digital transformation of manufacturing through service orientation in holonic and agent-based control with distributed intelligence.

Workshop’s theme

The theme of the SOHOMA’19 Workshop is “Smart anything everywhere – The vertical and horizontal manufacturing integration”

“Smart anything everywhere” stands for products/things that integrate digital technology. This is not the future but our present. Our everyday life is more and more experiencing and adopting new devices/things that have computation capabilities that can provide us with smart and/or intelligent support. This is the case for almost all the different scenarios for human societies. One of such scenarios is the manufacturing field, in which “Smart anything everywhere” is being used since a few years throughout initiatives such as “Industrie 4.0” or “Industry of the future” translated into Cyber Physical Systems, Industrial IoT, Cloud Manufacturing, Edge and Fog Computing, Digital Manufacturing, etc.

The motivation behind “Smart anything everywhere” in manufacturing is to develop systems featuring higher agility, reconfigurability, robustness and responsiveness while also ensuring the maintainability and sustainability of their manufacturing processes, products and logistics. The smart and/or intelligent support for achieving systems with these ambitious objectives is coming from the computation capabilities that the devices/things in the manufacturing environment provide.

This 9th SOHOMA edition puts the focus especially on how artificial intelligent approaches, including Service-oriented, Holonic and Multi-Agent, but not limited to them, can better support the development of manufacturing systems featuring the afore mentioned ambitious objectives. Therefore, SOHOMA’19 focus is on Service-oriented, Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems for Industry of the Future that contribute to intelligent, safe and sustainable manufacturing. Service orientation of control and management of the manufacturing value chain have gained attention in the past editions, promising a way to create the basis for agile, networked enterprise in which value is co-created from customer’s perspective.

This edition maintains the traditional focus on Holonic Manufacturing control with implementing with Multi-agent Systems and Cloud services for the Industry of the Future and its frameworks: Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Industrial Internet of Things.

The scientific event will draw on research developed in the last years in the scientific community SOHOMA as well as from other sources. The main research lines are:

    • IT modelling techniques (UML, Object-Orientation, Agents,…) for automation systems
    • Holonic architectures and Multi-agent frameworks for smart, safe and sustainable industrial systems
    • Intelligent products, orders and systems in industry
    • Service orientation of control and management in the manufacturing value chain
    • Issues of agility, flexibility, safety, resilience and reconfigurability in industrial systems with new service-oriented ICT: cloud, Web, SOA
    • Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Industrial IoT for Industry 4.0

The application space for these new developments is very broad. SOHOMA’19 will address all aspects of industrial systems management, such as:

    • Control and management of production, supply chain, logistics, transportation, after-sales services, a.o.
    • Industrial and after-sale services, maintenance and repair operations
    • Management and control of energy production and distribution

The implementing space for these application classes includes the new digital transformation frameworks and technologies, as the one advocated by “Industry4.0” or “Industry of the future” concepts. Digital manufacturing represents the digitalization of supply, production (with planning) and delivery operations of a networked company, and uses intensively digital models and ontologies.

Examples are not limited to these areas. Papers discussing new application areas and the resulting new developments at the interface of information technology and automation are especially welcome. All contributions must indicate alignment with the Workshop’s theme.

The purpose of the SOHOMA’19 international workshop is to shed light on the multiple issues above, associated with safe, smart and sustainable products, processes and industrial systems, distribution of intelligence in enterprise management and production control, and integration of business and technical processes in the manufacturing value chain through agent orientation, virtualization and service-oriented technologies.

Workshop topics

    • Customer-oriented logistics
    • Modelling of discrete event dynamic systems in manufacturing
    • Multi-Agent Systems in industry
    • Control with distributed intelligence
    • Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems
    • Product intelligence: concepts, architectures, implementation, use cases
    • Industrial Internet of Things / Physical Internet
    • Swarm intelligence in manufacturing
    • Industrial Internet and digital manufacturing
    • Dynamic and green infrastructure for sustainable manufacturing
    • Predictive resource maintenance and risk management
    • Mixed production planning and scheduling
    • Virtual factory, supply chains and logistics
    • Manufacturing Integration Framework
    • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
    • Cloud Manufacturing and resource virtualization
    • Digital Twins and Digital Shadows for resource and product virtualization
    • Edge and Fog Computing for Industrial Internet of Things
    • Computing and Service Oriented manufacturing
    • Servitization and Product-Service Systems
    • Multi-robot systems in manufacturing, control and applications
    • Bio-inspired theories for smart manufacturing and evolutionary robotics
    • Big Data and the contextual enterprise
    • Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Industry 4.0
    • Performance evaluation of industrial emerging behaviour
    • Holonic hybrid supervised control of industrial processes
    • Humans in Industry 4.0

Publication of Workshop papers

All papers accepted for presentation will be included in the SOHOMA’19 conference Proceedings volume, ISI and DBLP Computer Science database indexed published in Springer book series “Studies in Computational Intelligence”.

The Proceedings volumes of SOHOMA’11-SOHOMA’18 previous events, published in special issues of the Springer Book series “Studies in Computational Intelligence” have been included in Web of Science, Scopus, ISI Proceedings and the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography (University of Trier, Germany).